We strive to improve the experience of patients and families battling with cancer.

We seek to provide positive memories for patients and their families during an otherwise difficult period. We believe that through the experience that Little Wonder provides, these patients will also obtain better outcomes.
Founder's Letter

Most major cancer centers are in cities. Cancer patients, particularly those undergoing radiation treatment or chemotherapy, often relocate to a city during several weeks or months while they are in treatment.

I have learned about the experience of cancer patients and have gotten to know patients who were in treatment. They would show up each day. They would design their days around their treatment appointments. Planning for "extra-curricular" activities was a challenge. After getting to know some of these people I found I would make suggestions and even coordinate things for them to do when they got out of their appointments. While they had cancer, in many cases advanced disease, they were still capable of joy, laughter and having a good time.

Cities offer world-class cultural activities.

Every day thousands of tickets to wonderful cultural, sports and entertainment activities go unused. Every day thousands of people are undergoing cancer treatment.

When I was in medical school in New York I learned that there were often excess tickets available for even the most sought- after events, shows and activities. As a student I was offered access to vibrant, exceptional experiences for little (if any) cost. After gaining an understanding of the life of cancer patients I came to a conclusion: a cancer patient's experiences during treatment in a city could actually provide access to memorable, positive memories - some being world class cultural events. It was a shame that patients and their families were relocating to areas with great concentrations of culturally significant experiences but were not aware of or did not have easy access to these events. Coupled with the knowledge that there were often tickets that went unused (everyone who watches sports on television and sees all of the empty seats knows this) I decided to help do something about it. I wanted to use technology to help match patients with tickets. From this, Little Wonder was born.

At Little Wonder we have a platform so that cancer patients can get "Prescriptions for Fun." Our software platform allows cancer patients to go online after their treatment and select from a listing of available tickets for events within the region where they are receiving their treatment. Venues, Skybox owners and others can list tickets on the site, donate them and contribute to making positive memories in what otherwise can be the most stressful period in the lives of patients and their loved ones.


Seth Feuerstein