We strive to improve the experience of patients and families battling with cancer.

We seek to provide positive memories for patients and their families during an otherwise difficult period. We believe that through the experience that Little Wonder provides, these patients will also obtain better outcomes.

Little Wonder works simply and directly. We bring together ticket donors and patients undergoing radiation therapy. So, patients who are going through this grueling process are able to find reprieve through graciously donated tickets to local cultural events such as concerts, sports games, etc. Donors receive the satisfaction that they've been able to provide a smile to those going through difficult times.


For Donors

Little Wonder receives in-kind ticket donations from Donors interested in helping patients through difficult times. All donations are tax deductible.

For Patients

Little Wonder provides complimentary tickets that you can redeem on evenings free from radiation treatment.

For Partners

Little Wonder allows your patients to be able to enjoy life more readily during a difficult time in their lives. Contact us to learn more about how we provide this free-of-charge service for you.